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Potomac Gazebo Wedding Ceremony Patowmack Farm

More photos from Ursula & Tom’s inspiring Town & Country wedding….hold onto your hats kids, this is a long post.

Flowers: Holly Chapple Flowers

Dress: Hannelore’s Bridal Salon

Venue: Patowmack Farm

This is a gorgeous venue for a wedding. Simple. Elegant. A photographic worthy backdrop.

Patomack Farm Outdoor Wedding Patowmack Farm to Table Organic Wedding Brunch

The Patowmack Farm boasts more than chickens.¬† They call this mammal a “goat.”¬† I call him Crazy Eyes McGee for obvious reasons. Stay on your side of the fence there, Crazy Eyes. But I digress…

Patowmack Farm

If I were not a photographer, my dream would be to give nail polish their fun names.¬† Since OPI refuses to recognize my talent for that particular skill, then a close runner-up for cool jobs would be food critic. Let’s pretend for a moment that The Washington Post trusted me to wield my influence over the palettes of Senators.¬† Here is what I’d say about Patowmack Farm:


My imaginary editor at the Washington Post would find it post-modern in its minimal use of words.

Patowmack Farm Intimate and Small Wedding Brunch

Now, for the flowers.¬† I met Holly of Holly Chapple Flowers and found her to be such a vibrant lady.¬† Her business operates out of her beautifully situated home.¬† It’s all very very Jane Austen how I’m describing how one’s house is “situated,” but that’s because it’s so perfect.¬† For one shiny moment, while standing in her flower cooler, I thought I should move to the country.¬† I would have a garden, none half as lovely as hers.¬† Holly & I would become neighbors and eventually best friends. She would give me excessive amounts of tomatoes.¬† I would play my music too loud, as I do, and she would stop making eye contact with me.¬† Holly, wait…what’s that sign in your yard?¬† Oh, your moving. Don’t go, Holly. Stay and arrange your beautiful flowers like this one:

Patowmac Farm Bride holding white and green natural wedding bouquetHollyChappeleFlowers-6HollyChappeleFlowers-8HollyChappeleFlowers-9More later!

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October 12, 2009 - 2:45 pm

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