Travel Journal: Parisian Flea Market :: Modern Toile Photography

More photos from Paris.

This time, documenting our trip to the famous flea market, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. At multiple points throughout this trip I said “I could live here, were it not for those horrible public restrooms.” The flea market was my raison d’etre. Tons of amazing cast-offs, gorgeous frames, charming china sets, old-timey bikes; a romantics sentimental journey through art-nouveau to mid-century and beyond. Every last Brooklyn-scenester owes a pilgrimage to this mecca of the Etsy / Vintage / Craft movement that is so hot right now.

If this were my heaven, it was my husband’s  hell. He hates shopping enough at well-curated, spacious stores with good lighting. He mostly just stared off into space or played with his phone, piping up in French when I wanted to make a transaction. Kudos to Charly for not only being a sport, but for sharing his crepe de sucre et citron with me. It became my go-to crepe order for the rest of the trip.

Here’s three more images from inside Versailles. The interior rooms were immense. The crowd was stifling. You walked through the room as if on a conveyer belt of people. I do not take to crowds well. I’m 5 ft 2″ on a good day. No one sees me in a crowd. It’s like tripping over your dog. Needless to say, the vast expanse of green space that greeted me upon exiting was a welcome relief.

Me & Charly in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Yet more from Paris to come, including the Louvre (which I have been mispronouncing my entire life) & Montmartre (where Amelie was filmed). Also, I’ll soon be posting a few images from The Motley Fool’s annual meeting, Foolapalooza 2011.