Valentine’s cards, crushes and other ramblings…

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My personal favorite is this one:


Oh, Kings of Leon. Remember when I saw you in concert and we had that moment. Caleb, you held my gaze & it was pretty much felt by the whole audience. And then remember when you became really popular and people started to hate you? I hate those people. And remember, Caleb, when you were on the cover of Spin and my husband lied about being the one to discover your band 5 years ago. He’s such a liar.


2nd favorite one is this:

sisqobut mostly because it reminds me of Glee & my tv crush on Matthew Morrison.


Thanks, Kristen! If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!¬† I read that on a dish cloth I found in the back of my linen closet. Happy Valentine’s Day, friend!

Love, Brandy