Wedding Gown Gossip and the return of Mad Men

Did you hear about Vera Wang?

Her recently opened Shanghai bridal boutique is charging $482 to TRY ON her dress. Imagine. To stand in front of a mirror for 5 minutes, draped in awesomeness, Chinese brides have to cough up a substantial fee. The company says it’s an effort to manage the number of customers in the store and protect the copyrighted designs. Critics of the policy claim it’s racist to single out the Shanghai market.

UPDATE: According to this Reuters article, she has nixed this policy.

You guys! Game of Thrones is back. If you follow my celebrity crushes along at home take note: I might MIGHT be back on John Snow. I mean I’m definitely on Robb Stark, but I was iffy on John Snow. Then this happened:

Source: Glamour via US Weekly

Oh, meow.

So on Sunday Mad Men returns. Have you read the Rolling Stone article on Jon Hamm? He debates the Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones and he answered correctly: The Stones. They are always the right answer.

Alright. I don’t think I mention my connection to Jon Hamm nearly enough. We both grew up in St. Louis. So there’s that. BUT ALSO….I dated a boy with the last name Hamm. They were probably distantly related. So basically I dated Jon Hamm. That’s what I’m going to start telling people. No one fact checks such things.