Wedding Registry With Ease

Speaking with a potential client last week, I discovered a must download iPhone app for Future Mr. & Mrs. everywhere. It’s called MyRegistry.  It manages your gift registry with ease. Turn your iPhone into one of those cool bar code scanners. It also locates online vendors selling it for less.

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

Now, what to registry for? Take it from the girl who moved a bulky ice cream maker more times than she used it, when it comes to wedding registries be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

What I can’t live without:

kitchen staple in pretty, clean white

  • The KitchenAid doesn’t just beat dough into submission, with attachments you can turn it into an ice cream maker, a pasta maker, a sausage grinder and much more. It saves space, works like horse and even if you only use it rarely, its classic design will inspire you from the corner of the counter.
  • Multiples! You need only host your first Thanksgiving to realize one set of measuring cups and spoons are never enough. Same goes for cutting boards.
  • Good knives. Heavy. Balanced. Makes easy work of chopping.
  • Stoneware –  I would only ever invest in stoneware, as it’s more durable than earthenware which is a more porous pottery.

What I wish I’d never asked for:

  • Popcorn maker – Guess what? They’re called microwaves.
  • Coffee makers that brew into thermal carafes that can’t be immersed in water.  Not a good design. If you’re a pot a coffee a day couple like us, invest in quality and avoid gimmicks.
  • A cast iron skillet – this one comes with a preface. A cast iron skillet is like a pet, until you’re ready to handle the responsibility of owning a cast iron skillet and that means seasoning the pan, skip it. Without proper care, they rust. I threw mine away blemished with the marks of my own sheer laziness, it was a feeling similar to flushing Frank the Beta Fish down the toilet. I alone was to blame.

Have a lovely weekend!