Well…hello stranger…

Have you ever sat down to draft a project plan to work on your business, but you spend so much time thinking / typing / reformatting your stupid spreadsheet that when you finally look up 2 weeks have past and you have accomplished exactly nothing toward your goal? Such is my life as a self-directed business person. I am LITERALLY the worst. When long periods stretch between blog posts you can be sure that I’ve been obsessively running my hands through my hair. That’s what I do when I’m anxious and nothing makes me more anxious than to trying to fit my brain waves into some linear-thinking person’s model of how to run a business.

This unsettled feeling is creeping into my personal space as well. Here. Maybe a picture would help illustrate just where my mind has been.

These colors are all wrong. It’s looking more and more likely that I want for my bedroom a soft, soft beige-y, nothing pink. So while I thought I wanted this palette:


I was wrong. That is some punch you in the face color. I need a color that exhales. Does that make sense? I want this.

FalseSource: http://www.ohhhmhhh.de/kupfer-konfetti-zum-aufkleben/

In other home news…you guys! YOU GUYS! There is a paint company that I’ve fallen in love with making the 90-mile round trip drive well worth it. This brand is sold by 3 vendors in Virginia and none happen to not be in or around Alexandria. Go figure. In the past I’ve painted furniture with milk paint, but, while it has its virtues like super duper low-toxicity, it comes in powder form and requires manual mixing. This stuff from Maison Blanche – SHUT UP – it adheres to almost any surface with next to no prep. That means smooth Ikea finishes – you can paint. YOU CAN PAINT. Ugh. I love it. Again, similar to milk paint in that you can paint the stuff with the windows shut and you will not tweak out. Please don’t paint with the windows shut, I’m just saying. I chose Hurricane. It’s a very warm grey that stands up straight with good posture while not being too assertive. The only drawback is that it’s expensive. $40 for a quart, but BUT it goes a long way. I painted…eh hem…my childhood dresser, an old West Elm parsons table, a set of 3 Thomas O’Brien for Target nesting tables I picked up at a resell shop for $15 and a night stand I absconded from the street much to the horror of a bougie friend. All this painting should explain my lack of blog posts. I promise to take photos, but first I need things in order. Let me get the wall color done first. And maybe decide on some fabric for curtains…oh….Great….The Eternal Enemy of Good.

Oh. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’m training for an 8K in November in Richmond, VA. From faking sprained ankles in Jr. high to Forrest Gump!!!

Next week I’m attending a Jesh du Rox photography seminar…which probably means nothing at all to you, dear reader. Should be fun though.