Working it like it’s my job

It’s late Tuesday night. I’m sitting here waiting for Peapod to deliver my groceries, now 45 minutes passed their 6 hour delivery window. I’ve used Peapod about once a month since we moved into the house in August. We don’t own a car and the cost of a Zipcar rental equals the Peapod delivery. Bonus: it makes my life way easy. That is…until it doesn’t. I’ve passed this seemingly never-ending house arrest with a few hours of photo edits, chores, Gossip Girl and a DIY beauty treatment.  I mixed sugar and few drops of jojoba oil for a super cheap, super effective exfoliant. The oil comes in a 4 ounce bottle that I order from Amazon Prime for $9 and free shipping. It’s awesome and a little goes a very long way. Yes, Amazon Prime, the other service that renders it unnecessary to leave my house during the wedding off-season. Seriously, with no car, no weddings until February, and all my shopping delivered to my door I’ve regressed to a 15-year old. Like any 15-year old worth her salt, I even have a baby-sitting gig. Next Tuesday morning I’ll be watching Mark for a few hours. Yay!!! Someone to talk to. Sure, he’s a 1.5 year old. I’m quite fluent in baby babble.

Update: Peapod just showed up. It’s 10:05. Ugh.

Ooooh, tomorrow I’m getting my hair did. Then I get to hobnob with a bunch of friends at the United With Love meet and greet for wedding professionals. I love when “working” involves getting dressed up and drinking at my favorite bar with people I like. What it will not involve, however, is bringing my camera.

December 7, 2011 - 2:42 pm

Lynn - Hey, want another babysitting gig? I’m desperate for a babysitter for Friday. Your pay just might cover train fare.
Peapod was a lifesaver when Felix was brand new. Not having to take 2 kids to the grocery store? Priceless.